image of an oat beverage solution

Oat Beverage Solutions

Our Oat-Standing™ functional oat flour can help you deliver a range of oat beverage solutions.
image of a glass of oat milk

Oat Milk

image of a glass of flavoured oat milk

Flavoured Oat Milk

image of a mocha oat drink

Mocha Oat Drink

Oat beverages can be prepared by blending our Oat-Standing™ functional oat flour and other ingredients with water, heat treating the blend, followed by homogenisation, UHT treatment, and aseptic packaging.

Our oat beverage flour solution performs exceptionally well to deliver a number of functional benefits.

It has a sweet, oaty flavour and is less bitter in comparison to market samples. It is less thick, hence can be used at a higher inclusion rate with nice sweet and oaty notes. Our oat beverages are also a source of calcium and naturally a source of manganese and fibre.

image of icon representing outstanding multi-sensory attributes

Outstanding multi-sensory attributes 

Our oat beverages solutions contain a  silky, smooth mouth-feel, clean oaty flavour and natural sweetness.

image of icon representing high nutritional value

High nutritional value

Our oat beverage solutions are a source of calcium, manganese and fibre. They also contain of higher protein quality compared to other commonly used plant proteins such as rice protein and wheat bran.

image of icon representing excellent functionality

Excellent functionality

Remains fluid and pourable through Ultra-High Temperature processing (UHT) and retort.

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