enhanced viscosity

CheddMax Enhanced Viscosity

CheddMax EV is a functional Cheese curd designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end-products. It is designed to exhibit superior functionality that is easily incorporated into existing processing equipment and recipes.

CheddMax EV  is designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end products such as: Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS), Slice-on-Slice (SOS), Blocks, Triangles and soft and spreadable cheese.

Manufacturing Challenges

images are individually wrapped cheese slices

Manufacturing Challenges Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS)

Stickiness and firmness can be a challenge for IWS. Our CheddMax EV range shows superior firmness in IWS forming a less brittle and less sticky slice making it easier to unwrap.

image of cheese slices

Slice–on-Slice (SOS)

Manufacturers can be challenged with firmness when producing SOS. Cheddmax EV demonstrates superior firmness in SOS resulting in a slice that is more similar to a natural cheese slice.

image of cheese triangles


Viscosity can be a challenge when making processed cheese triangles. CheddMax EV demonstrates higher viscosity in processed cheese triangles compared to standard cheddar cheese.

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