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Skim Milk Powder

Our Skim milk powder is manufactured using spray-drying technology to create a free-flowing powder with high nutritional value. Available in both standardised and non-standardised forms, our Skim Milk Powder has excellent flavour and versatility resulting in it being suitable across a range of food and nutrition applications.

A range of applications

infant nutrition

In infant nutrition manufacture

Our specialised milk powder is manufactured to a low spore count displaying  excellent versatility and flavour. It’s free flowing powder properties mean it is suitable for both wet and dry blends.


In confectionary manufacture

Our versatile Skim Milk powder is suitable across a variety of confectionary products. Available in both standard and instant formats, our skim milk powder has a great clean flavour and nutritional value that can easily be incorporated into your manufacturing process.

image of iced buns

In bakery manufacture

Our Skim Milk Powder can deliver key textural and sensorial benefits expected in baked goods. It’s clean flavour and ease of use, mean it can be incorporated easily into your baking process.

yoghurt and fruit bowl

In yoghurt manufacture

Skim milk can be used in your yoghurt recipe, providing excellent emulsification, viscosity and textural capabilities while also displaying a great dairy taste and smooth, creamy texture. 

ice cream in a bowl

In ice-cream manufacture

Our low-fat ingredient can help you formulate ice cream solutions that do not compromise on taste or texture.

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