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Whole Milk Powder

Our whole milk powder is manufactured by spray drying pasteurized full cream milk. It is a white to cream colour free flowing powder with a clean flavour profile and nutritional value. Our whole milk powder is suitable for use across a range of food and nutritional applications.

A range of applications

infant nutrition

In infant nutrition

Our Whole Milk Powder range is heat stable and suitable for infant formula manufacture.  It’s excellent clean flavour profile and nutritional value ensure it can help support nutrition in early life stages.


In ready to mix (RTM)

Available in regular and instant forms, our Whole Milk Powder is a versatile ingredient in recombined milk products. It’s a heat stable ingredient  that can easily be incorporated into your manufacturing recipe.

Chocolate bar

In chocolate

Our free flowing powder displays excellent solubility and is the ideal milk source for chocolate manufacture.

yoghurt and fruit bowl

In yoghurt manufacture

Whole milk powder can be used in your yoghurt recipe, providing excellent emulsification, viscosity and textural capabilities while also displaying a great dairy taste and smooth, creamy texture.

ice cream in a bowl

In ice-cream manufacture

Our milk powder range can be easily incorporated into your recipe which can help formulate a smooth and creamy ice-cream solution.

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