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Opti-Yo Dairy Alternative

Plant based alternative to a dairy yoghurt​

A complete range of tailored yoghurt and fermented solutions to meet the changing demands of your discerning customers​. Our recipe is amazing with granola or berries or in a smoothie or in recipes, etc.

Formulated using our Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour it has a similar consistency to yoghurt. It delivers an excellent clean flavor profile and high nutritional value naturally  containing betaglucans and fibre.

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Firmer texture

Our Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour is a perfect solution to create a smooth and thicker oat base.

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Exceptional sensory characteristics

Our Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour bring a natural oaty taste to fermented yoghurt snacks. It delivers an excellent clean flavour profile and provides a smooth creamy base.

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Good nutritional profile

Our Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour delivers an oat base which is highly nutritious and low in sugar.

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