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TGF Solmiko

Advanced, high quality proteins naturally rich in essential amino acid

Truly Grass Fed Solmiko is our range of Nutritional Milk Proteins manufactured from fresh ultra-filtered skim milk. It is an excellent source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk (80/20).   Solmiko has excellent flavour, solubility and heat stability making it suitable for a range of nutritional applications. 

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RTM powdered beverages

Due to its high solubility nature and excellent rehydration properties, Solmiko performs well in both the manufacturing process but also in consumer RTM applications.

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RTD beverages

Heat stability is a critical function for high protein RTD beverages. Solmiko is stable across all heat treatment processes and maintains low viscosity levels before and after heat treatment.

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Sport nutrition products

Our Truly Grass Fed Solmiko range is designed to provide energy and muscle prevention to athletes and fitness enthusiast. Solmiko milk proteins are highly soluble displaying excellent rehydration properties when reconstituted. 

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Keto food solutions

Our ingredients can help you deliver a range of keto friendly food solutions with exceptional sensory characteristics. Our high protein, low fat powders can ensure your formulation has a high nutritional value while maintaining excellent functionally.

weight management products

Weight management products

Solmiko is suitable for a wide variety of weight management products. As a high protein source with slow releasing attributes it can help consumers feel fuller for longer and maintain satiety levels.

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Lower lactose solutions

Solmiko Low Lactose (LL) is our range of lower lactose milk powders that can help open new opportunities for high protein, low lactose food solutions. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of dairy proteins without experiencing the intolerance of lactose.

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Our Credentials

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