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TGF Butter

The Natural Choice

Our Truly Grass Fed Irish butters are delicious, creamy and naturally nourishing. Crafted from milk from 95% grass fed* cows that spend most of the year leisurely roaming and grazing on lush green pastures. It’s this natural diet that produces the silky, sweet milk that goes into making Truly Grass Fed butter. With its distinctive golden colour and pure, rich flavour, Truly Grass fed is loved world-wide.

When you choose Truly Grass Fed, you can be assured that you’re choosing ingredients that adhere to our highest standards of nutrition, flavour and quality. Always non-GMO, growth hormone rBST-free* and antibiotic free.‡ This is the Truly Grass Fed difference.


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In bakery

Our natural, creamy butter is perfect for bakery & confectionary products. From its clean flavour to its smooth texture, it is truly delicious.

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In ghee manufacture

Our Truly Grass Fed butter range is ideal for ghee conversion. Our unsalted lactic butter is the perfect base for manufacturers looking to make clarified butter with a slightly nutty, caramelized flavour, commonly used in cuisine of the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. 

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TGF Credentials

* Source: “Effect of pasture versus indoor feeding systems on raw milk composition and quality over an entire lactation” and “Quality characteristics, chemical composition, and sensory properties of butter from cows on pasture versus indoor feeding system” .** Online quantitative survey among 1000 U.S. consumers - Age 20-60 - Primary grocery shoppers - Routine dairy consumption Survey Fielded November 2016.*** 95% grass-fed cows for 250 days on a three-year average (taking inclement weather into account).**** No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from growth hormone-treated and non-growth hormone-treated cows.